Saturday, March 12, 2011

21st Century Schools: Your feedback needed.

From: Colette Dunsmore, Dearborn PTSA Council President |

Below is a letter regarding the 21st Century Schools forums that have been taking place monthly.  

The letter lists 7 key threads that our children should be able to accomplish from K-12.   Of course, at each grade it may be a different level of criteria. 

Please review this letter and the 7 key threads and email me back if you feel there should be something else added to these common skills.  Keep in mind that some things you might want to add are going to be in an area already listed. 

Any and all feedback is welcome and needed before our next meeting.  Since I have to compile the answers, please reply by April 1st.  Our next 21st Century Schools meeting will be on April 13th!  If you’d like to join us, we’ll be meeting in the board room at the Administrative Services Center at 6:30pm. (see letter below)

Board Academic Achievement – Elementary | March 10, 2011
The District 21st Century Committee has been meeting monthly. At our meeting last night we determined common threads for our students (Prekindergarten through 12th grade) to prepare them for the future. Although we worked in groups, there was much commonality amongst our thinking. Following are the areas of learning and experience whereby our students could develop their 21st century skill set, as determined by this committee. Of course, these are very broad areas which will need to be clearly defined in our next steps.
Technology (digital literacy)
Real World Problem Solving/Inquiry
Projects-Based Learning
Collaboration & Team Building
Global Competency
Higher Order Thinking & Creativity
Cross Curricular

This “list” will be shared with others (general administrators, PTAs) for input and discussion. Our next meeting is April 13th. At that time, we will take the input received and develop action plans for implementation across all levels (elementary through secondary). We will need to develop rubrics of sorts to address these areas; however, this would be a part of developing an action plan. We will also need to develop common knowledge and vocabulary around these concepts.

21st Century..... Are your students:
Critical thinkers?
Problem solvers?
Good communicators?
Good collaborators?
Information and technology literate?
Flexible and adaptable?
Innovative and creative?
Globally competent?
Environmentally literate?

Education Cuts: Take Action!

Letter from Dearborn's Superintendent: 

Now that Governor Snyder has presented his budget proposal, the debate in Lansing will continue for several weeks as legislators work out the details. In order to better understand how this plan will impact our classrooms, I would like to take a moment to provide the following summary of the key components of the Governor’s budget proposal:                                           Impact on District
Per-student funding reduced by $470/student....$8,695,000
31a At-Risk funds eliminated....................... $4,900,000
Section 41 Bilingual funds eliminated................$435,000
                                                   Total lost...$14,030,000

In addition to these cuts in revenue, the district may face as much as a $5 million increase in the amount paid to the State’s pension fund. 

As concerned community members, it’s important that you voice your opinion on the Governor’s cuts. Every parent, business owner, home owner, and community member should contact Governor Snyder at:
                                    Governor Rick Snyder
                                    P.O. Box 30013
                                    Lansing, MI 48909
                                   (517) 373-3400 

Explain to the Governor that:
(1) Reductions in funding at this level will be devastating to our classrooms.
(2) Dearborn students across the district will see reductions in staff, resources, and services.
(3) These budget recommendations hit Dearborn harder than other district due to the elimination of needed funds for “At-Risk” and bilingual students.
(4) Reductions in funding will mean fewer resources, human and material, needed to help students achieve the new state mandated college-ready test scores.

I highly encourage you to contact the Governor’s office and explain the impact these cuts will have on our students, your children.

Fortunately our representatives in the state house and senate are aware of this situation and are working to help Dearborn students. We thank them for their support and caring about our students. 

Despite several years of declining state revenue, the Board of Education and the administrative team have remained committed to timely budget planning and being fiscally responsible to the citizens living in our district. Working with our staff and community, the district will continue to take a proactive stance on budget issues and maintain our commitment to devote available resources that meet the academic needs of students.

As state lawmakers move through the budget process, we will continue to provide you with information on any changes that could impact funding for Dearborn Public Schools. Although school districts do not have the ability to raise revenue locally or control spiraling state retirement costs, we will work to preserve quality instructional programs so that all students will continue to be successful in the classroom.

Brian J. Whiston
Superintendent of Schools, Dearborn

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meeting Feb 2@6PM | Enroll for Kroger $$ Program | Cookbook Ads & Orders

-Our February meeting is changed to Wednesday, February 2nd at 6:00pm in the cafeteria.  Our meetings will be moved to Wednesday due to  conflicts from both parent and staff members.  Hopefully with the new day we will get more member participation. 

-I would also like to remind you to email your recipes to Yasmine Ferris or you can bring your recipes to our meeting on Wednesday.  I also encourage our members to try and get some businesses to place there ads in our cookbook..this will generate funds that will help us with the cost of the cookbooks.

-The Kroger company has sent our PTSA the approval into there rewards program.  I will email you instructions in the next couple of days on the process of enrollment.   I encourage everyone with a Kroger card to enroll so our PTSA can start to get money back from your shopping at Kroger.  

Thank you. Salam Anani, Fordson PTSA Treasurer 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Founder's Day (Feb 17) Volunteers Needed

Founder’s Day is just around the corner.  February 17th will be here before we know it and we need HELP with set up!  Due to another function in the Ballroom at the Community Center, we can’t get into the ballroom until 4pm.  That gives us just over an hour to pull it together.  At our Council meeting on Wednesday, we had about 10 volunteers.  We need at least 5-10 more people to help.  Please email me if you can help at 4pm: Colette Dunsmore at with "Founders Day Helper", your name, email, phone # and what school you are associated with. Thank you!  Doors open at 5:30pm.

Bully Prevention Committee Forming

PTSA is looking for people who are interested in serving on a Bully Prevention Committee.  We will be meeting once a month starting in February.  More details will come once the date is finalized for our first meeting.  If you are interested at all in being on this committee, please email Colette Dunsmore at with "Bully PC", your name, email, phone # and what school you are associated with. 

Your recipes in Fordson's Cookbook!

Would you help the Fordson PTSA build our scholarship fund? We have decided to publish a community cookbook filled to the brim with the best recipes from the best cooks in our community and we need your favorite recipes! The best news of all?  All of the profits from the sale of the cookbooks will go to college scholarships for Fordson students! These 5.5” x 8.5” cookbooks with plastic comb binding, will most definitely become a cherished keepsake on your kitchen shelf.

We would like to have three or four of your favorite recipes as soon as possible. If you could return your recipes to us within the next week or two, we will select one or more of your recipes to be included in our cookbook. Your name will even be printed in the  cookbook with each of your own recipes!

We are anticipating a great demand for these cookbooks, so we want to be certain we  order enough. It would help us immensely if you would indicate below how many cookbooks you want us to reserve in your name . . . remember, if you don’t reserve your copies now, we may not have a cookbook for you! 

Thank you so much for participating in our fundraising efforts.
Please reserve _______ copies by February 1, 2011.
Signed ______________________________________
Phone No. ___________________________________
Submit to Yasmine Ferris,

Add Your Recipe to the Fordson Cookbook!

Recipe # _____________ | One Recipe Per Page
Submit to: Yasmine Ferris,

❑ Appetizers, Beverages   ❑ Soups, Salads   ❑ Vegetables
❑ Main Dishes   ❑ Breads, Rolls    ❑ Desserts
❑ Miscellaneous   ❑ Other _______________________________

RECIPE TITLE ___________________________________________
Please Type or Print Plainly
Please use these abbreviations: c., tsp., Tbsp., pkg., qt., pt., oz., lb.

______________________________________ ______________________________________
______________________________________ ______________________________________
______________________________________ ______________________________________
______________________________________ ______________________________________
______________________________________ ______________________________________


Submitted by: ______________________________________
Please include submitter's name as it is to appear in cookbook.

Fordson Cookbook Ad Info & Order Form

Note: If the ad is a ¼ page or larger, and you want your logo or artwork to appear, please provide a black and white business card (dark backgrounds and colored ink do not print well), letterhead or a clipping from a previous publication such as a circular or magazine. (Please note, newspaper clippings do not provide quality reproductions).

Please make checks payable to: Fordson PTSA and send along with this form to:
Yasmine Ferris,
Business Department, Fordson High School
13800 Ford Rd., Dearborn, MI 48126

Your name: ____________________________ 
Phone #: ______________________________
Business: ______________________________ 
Email: ________________________________

Number of Ads
Ad Size
Ad Price
Full Page

Fordson Cookbook Ads

Full (4 ½” x 7 ½”) or
½ page (4 ½” x 3 ¾”)
logos, emblems, or photographs (if they are good, clear, and black and white); reductions/enlargements will be made as needed to fit the page.
1/3 page (4 ½” x 2 ½”)
logos or emblems (if they are good, clear, and black and white); reductions/enlargements will be made as needed.

¼ page (4 ½” x 1 7/8”)
no photographs, but logos and emblems will be used if good, clear black and white copy to fit within ad space provided; reductions/enlargements will be made as needed.

1/6 page (4 ½” x 1 ¼”)
no logos, emblems or photographs

1/8 page (4 ½” x 1 15/16”)
no logos, emblems or photographs
Patrons page (4 ½” x ½”)
maximum of 2 lines of copy per ad; no logos, emblems or photographs.

Reserve a Fordson Cookbook!

The Fordson PTSA

Please reserve __________ copies.

Name (and student ID number, if you are a student) (Please print):


Phone Number: _____________________________________________

STUDENTS: Class Room Number (not phone): _______________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________

Return to: Yasmine Ferris


Dear Community/Business Friend:

The Fordson PTSA is working on publishing a cookbook as a fundraiser for a variety of scholarship and PTSA supported events, and we want to help you advertise. For a small price, we will include an advertisement for your work or place of business.

Why should you advertise with us? Most printed ads are read and thrown away. With our cookbook, it will provide exposure for years to come because of their long “shelf life,” for one low price! Check out the types of ads below:

Please select the ad type you would like and the total cost for the ad, include all necessary materials you would like included in your ad, and return the enclosed form, materials, and check made payable to Fordson PTSA  no later than February 1.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Yasmine Ferris at 313-827-1469 or by email at

Thank you again for your help in making this fundraiser a success!

Yasmine Ferris, Staff Representative, Fordson High School PTSA

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grants from


4th Annual Teens for Jeans
The 90210 celebs have joined forces to take action against youth homelessness by being the spokespeople of the 4th Annual Teens For Jeans campaign. How can you make a difference?
Got questions? Email


Do Something Awards
Since 1996, has honored the nation’s best young world-changers, 25 and under. In 2011 the five nominees will be rewarded with a community grant, massive media coverage and continued support from The grand prize winner will receive $100,000 during the live broadcast on VH1, and up to $5,000 in scholarships!


PB Teens
Do you have a cause project or program that you’re working on? and PBteen want to help you out. We’re giving out 4 $2,000 grants that can help you take action in your community.


eMission users just hit a great milestone – you’ve saved over 1 million pounds of carbon by playing our facebook game, eMission!
  • Help us reach 10 million pounds of carbon saved by playing eMission today!

Monday, January 10, 2011

PTSA Founders Day Dinner Feb. 17 5:30pm

Dearborn PTSA Founders Day 2011

What is Founders Day?  Founders Day is a celebration of the Founding of PTA on February 17, 1897.  Each year PTAs in every school district celebrate this event by taking the time to reflect and take pride in their accomplishments, and to renew their commitment to be a powerful voice for all children.  This is an excellent opportunity to say thank you to our volunteers.  In Dearborn, we have always had representation from each and every PTA 

We will be giving only ONE “Educator of the year Award”
1.      Each local unit may submit one entry on a teacher, principal, counselor, etc.  It should state why this individual is being considered.  It is important that they be someone who goes over and above their job description.  Also no names should be on the entries.  Only include the name of the school submitting the entry, and a contact number.  If there is a name on the entry, it will not qualify. A committee will then review the entries and pick one individual for this award.
2.      All entries must be received by January 8th .  No exceptions

STUDENT MENTOR AWARD:    Chair:  Mariam Salha, Woodworth Middle School

We are looking for PTSA students to submit a short essay on a special someone who has made a positive impact in their life.  This person can be a coach, clergyman, parent, relative, teacher, neighbor, or even a sibling.  We will choose the essay that is most unique and clearly defines a mentor. The student and their mentor will be invited to and recognized at our 2011 PTSA Founders Day Dinner. Entries must be received no later than Jan 4th, 2011.  Essays should be emailed to­­­­­­­­­ .

TIN CAN RAFFLE:  Connie Lyon, Edsel Ford

PTAs will no longer be expected to send in $100 for HFCC Scholarship, instead they will donate a basket of their choice and or Gift Certificates valued at $100.  Remember to bring a coffee can or something similar to hold your tickets.
Contact chairperson, _____________prior to the event to register your donation.  Bring your donation and container on the night of the event.  Proceeds will be our donation to the HFCC Scholarship Program.  All PTA’s MUST participate.  

December 10th – DSA awards submitted to State.
December 1st – All units must be in good standing by this date, i.e. budget, audit, membership of 25 or more members, by laws up to date into State office
January 4th – Student Mentor Award nominations turned in to Chair.
January 8th – Educator of the Year Nominations turned in to Chair.
January 22nd  – RSVP with payment for members attending to Roxanne McDonald, Council Treasurer.  Checks made payable to Dearborn PTSA Council......for Fordson PTSA should bring your money to our next PTSA meeting
February 10th  – Register your basket donation with Chair
February 17th – Founders Day Dinner 5:30pm   Ford community and performing arts center

Scholarship deadline Jan 15, 2011

TO:  Officers at Fordson High School PTSA (603025)


  Fran Anderson Michigan PTSA Scholarship 

  1. Be a high school senior
  2. Be a member of a PTSA in good standing
  3. Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average
  4. Be college bound in the State of Michigan
  5. Participate in PTA/PTSA activities

JANUARY 15, 2011

Scholarship application information may be printed using the links at the bottom of this e-mail or by clicking on the scholarship link on the home page of the MPTSA website at

Questions?Contact your Field Service Representative or Nancy at
or 734-975-9500.


PTSA Meeting Tues Jan 11 @ 6pm Fordson Cafeteria

Dear PTSA Members,

Happy New Year to you all! Our first meeting for this year is Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm in the Fordson Cafeteria.

Please remember to bring your money if you are attending the PTSA Founder's Day Dinner. The event will be on Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011 at 5:30 pm to be held at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. Great food and a great time to honor those who mean so much to us for all their hard work.

Our cookbook fundraiser is in motion so bring in 3 or 4 of your favorite recipes for submission.

Again please encourage more parents to join the PTSA and come to the meeting. Don't forget, for every person you bring you earn an extra raffle ticket.

Students can earn community service hours if they attend and are paid members.

Hope to see you all there and bring your comments and concerns to the meeting.

Jacklin Zeidan
Fordson High School
PTSA President

General Council Club News

From: Durfee, Amanda M
Sent: Friday, January 07, 2011 4:24 PM
To: Bldg - Fordson
Subject: Club news

Here is a rundown of our General Council meeting:

Clubs that were absent:
-Red Cross
-Fleur de Leis

Club News:
-Class of 2014 will sell hoodies.
-Class of 2013 has their shirts printed.
2013 will be selling raffles for $2.00 per ticket. Winner will be announced onTuesday, the week of finals.
-Class of 2011 selected their Prom theme as “Courtyard of Dreams”.
-Pre Med Club will have a guest speaker this Tuesday.
-The Tower Tribune is working on an events column and will dedicate a special column for Mr. Haugan.
-The Entrepreneur Club will have their meetings ever other Tuesday in A203 with Mr. Teets as the advisor.
-The Mue Alpha Theta Club is having their first movie event today called “Race to Nowhere” in the Fordson Auditorium.
-NHS will be selling lip suckers.
-Environmental Club will be selling shirts.
-Quill is in the process of planning poetry grams.
-Shakespeare club is hosting audition for “Julius Caesar” and wants to plan a Teacher Talent Show.
*New Club: Do Something Club: Non-profit organization that encourages youth to work in the community. Miss Howell will be the club’s advisor.
-Student Government Executive Board is putting together a Facebook page/blog for all clubs to interact ideas.
-Student ideas for a dedication/memorial for Mr. Haugen. Ideas will be presented to the staff at a later date.

If I missed anyone or anything, please let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Amanda Durfee
Language Arts Teacher
Student Government Advisor
Fordson High School

Monday, September 13, 2010

Band Boosters Meeting: Wed. Sept. 15 @ 3PM Band Room

Please join the Fordson Band Boosters
for their first meeting of the 2010-11 school year.
Election of Officers
Adoption of Schedule
Fundraising Plan

Tues. Oct. 5 @ 6 PM PTSA Meeting in Fordson Cafeteria



Sunday, August 22, 2010

School Bus Driver CDL Information

Here are the links to the  Michigan SOS Bus Driver training manuals and materials.

BASIC Requirements: 3 requirements to qualify for a Michigan school bus driver "S" endorsement:
  1. Qualify for a commercial driver license with a passenger vehicle ("P") endorsement. This includes a knowledge and road skills test. Prior to the legislation, this was the requirement for school bus drivers.
  2. Pass an "S" endorsement written test covering topics such as loading and unloading, emergency procedures and knowledge of pertinent laws.
  3. Pass an "S" endorsement road skills test in a school bus of the same type the applicant will drive. (Current school bus drivers may be eligible to waive the skills test if they meet safety and experience requirements.)
The "S" endorsement fee is $5. It is in addition to any applicable driver’s license correction or renewal fees and driving skills test fees.

(5) Michigan Commercial Driver's License Manual:
(6) Details about the examination process and rules about disabilities:
(8) School Bus Driver Medical Examination Form